Boxkeys.co.uk was founded from a frustration I had earlier in this year when I was considering buying a new Xbox game and I just couldn’t find a reasonable price. A few friends pointed me in the direction of www.cdkeys.co.uk and PSNgames.org, where I was able to eventually find a the game I wanted at the right price.

That then got me thinking, Why isn’t there anywhere online that is widely advertised that compares all of the prices of newly released Xbox games and content. That’s how BOXKEYS was born.

My companies mission statement is:

‘To supply a quality Xbox Comparison site to the people of the UK whilst trying to entertain and inform you along the way’

My starting point is to compare game prices and the next steps are as follows:

  • Reviewing all new games and giving the community a chance to have their say.
  • Covering weekly gaming news and events.
  • Competitions and give-aways through social media.
  • Create gaming videos, Reviews and live stream through Twitch and Youtube.

We currently don’t have a section dedicated to Xbox 360 games, however we do understand this is a console that people are still interested in. So if you would like the prices compared for a 360 game that is due to be released, we would like you to contact us and we will try and accommodate your request. Even if they might not have as many comparison results as the Xbox one counter part.